Our spirituality

Our spirituality is grounded deep in our Charism of ‘Witnessing to the mercy of God’, and in our Spirit of charity, humility, prayer, penance and abandonment to the will of God. It is a dynamic growth of the spirit of Christ as expressed in the gospel. We strive to imitate Christ in order to be His faithful interpreters by our very lives.

Charity - Charity, the greatest commandment, embraces God and neighbor. In our love of God we strive to acquire a deep union with God through continuous prayer and special devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. We show our love of God in practice by loving our neighbor. Our Love of neighbor begins with the love of our fellow sisters.

Humility - This is the foundation of our spiritual edifice. Our life of humility is based on the humility of Christ who emptied himself and become man, and who urges us to emulate his meekness and humility (Mt. 11:29).

Prayer - The Daughters are called to live a life of love in union with God, a profound interior life which gives authenticity to our apostolate and without which we would be lacking in what is central to our very life namely union with God. “Pray always in the spirit” (Eph. 6:18). We are called not only to be united to him, but also to reflect him in every moment of our life. That is why we make our Institute a “Spiritual Power House” making our entire existence a prayer by attentively listening to and communing with God and by constant ejaculatory prayers. Through our prayer and penance we obtain the divine graces necessary for the success of evangelization. (Cf. Const. Ch. 11, Art. 14).

Penance - Guided by the spirit of Christ, our penance consists in the willing acceptance of the sufferings our daily life and offering them to God as part of His redeeming act of love. By our sufferings, we bring others to Christ by teaching them how to accept sufferings.

Abandonment to the Will of God - “Father if this cup shall not pass away unless I drink it, they will be done” (Matt. 26:39). The Daughters’ Spirit of abandonment is an imitation of Christ’s spirit of abandonment to the Will of God and following the footsteps of Mary Mother of Mercy in her example of total surrender of her will to the will of God in her ‘Fiat’.

Nun praying with candle

Regional prayer

Here is our regional prayer.

Lord God, You have called us to serve You responsibly in this part of the globe. We thank You for this great opportunity accorded us by our Religious family, the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy. We humbly pray that You bless all the living members of our Congregation, our Leaders and our Local Ordinary. Make us devoted to our work and studies by accomplishing these with thankfulness, joy and the realization that it is a greater honor to serve than to be served. Grant us the grace to develop the talents imbibed in us and engage them in fulfilling the five-fold Spirit and Charism of our Congregation, namely; Charity, Humility, Prayer, Penance, Abandonment to the Will of God and Bearing witness to the Mercy of God. Enable us to be strong in unity, to work and serve You through humanity with purity of intention and with detachment from self, having always death before our eyes and the account which we must render of time not gainfully utilized, of talents wasted, of omitted good deeds, of vain complacency in success.

Bless our countries Nigeria, America and Canada; bless all people we labor in their midst. Bless the Bishops and the members of all the Dioceses that have accepted us to work for your people. Bless and reward our family members, friends, benefactors and benefactresses and all men of goodwill. Convert all hardened sinners and grant success to the work we do among Your people.

Grant eternal rest O Lord to our departed members, benefactors and benefactresses, and members of our natural families; and may it please You, through the intercession of Mary, our Mother of Mercy, to expedite the process of the beatification of our Father Founder. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Our Mother of Mercy, Pray for us!

Our Lady Queen of Missionaries, Pray for us!

One nun praying

Beatification prayer

Prayer for the Cause of Beatification of our Father Founder, Anthony Gogo Nwedo, C.S.Sp

[ Devotion to Bishop Anthony Gogo Nwedo would lead to his beatification. We wish to intensify and spread this devotion, and would appreciate information about graces received or healings attributed to his intercession. ]

O God, You, who inspired your servant + Anthony Gogo Nwedo as the pioneer Bishop of the Diocese of Umuahia to dedicate his life selflessly to the cause of winning souls for Christ and to found two Religious Congregations for fostering holiness of life and the work of evangelization, hasten the day when the Church will be able to celebrate the saintliness of his life.

May the example of his personal sanctification and commitment to the spreading of the Gospel among the poor lead a greater number of Christians to ever strive after holiness + and devote themselves to the work of spreading the Gospel, so that the men and women of our time and future generations may discover your infinite mercy revealed in Mary, our beloved Mother, and her Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever.


Kneeling prayer in church